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Mastering Information Technology projects

Because we work in three different ways, we are able to offer you either:

  • turnkey solutions, i.e. the total outsourcing of your project;
  • a punctual reinforcement of your team, thus ensuring full flexibility;
  • the subcontracting of your project, either within your own company or with your clients.

At short notice, we can set up a team of specialists able to bring to fruition, within the shortest possible time, projects which would normally require many man-years to complete. We are specialized in the following sectors:

  • Software development
    • On Unix, VMS, Windows 3.1x, 95 and NT systems
    • Web hosting and Web-site creation
    • IT-security, firewalls and secure Internet servers
    • Hardware and software solutions
    • Networks (LAN / WAN)
    • Graphical User Interfaces
    • Databases
  • Projects management and control
    • Cost reduction and financial control
    • Preliminary and feasability studies
    • Technical flowcharts
    • Process optimization
    • Quality management and control
    • Definition of specifications
  • Technical and scientific computing
    • Computer simulation and modeling
    • Statistical studies, optimization
    • Research and development
    • Finite elements, CAD / CAM
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