SMAT Engineering, 1992-2022: 30 years!
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Welcome to SMAT Engineering

You are looking for a team of specialists in the following areas of expertise:

  • Scientific and technical computing
  • Administration of UNIX and NT systems
  • Security of computer networks
  • Project management
  • Software development

We are an Information Technology company with ten years of experience in the management of complex information systems.

In 1998, we developed FOCUS FireWall, an integrated, standalone and affordable solution designed to make the Internet access of small and medium enterprises secure.

Actually, we offer solutions based on OpenBSD. A free operating system particularily well suited for building secure servers and for a hi-performance Internet infrastructure.

We firmly believe that the needs of our clients are the primary factor we should keep in mind when analyzing, selecting and implementing the optimal solutions they require, be it in terms of cost, time or performance.

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SMAT Engineering Sàrl
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