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A strong team, a light organization

In order to better serve the needs of our clients, we work with a network of partners in whom we have complete trust.

At short notice, we can set up a team of specialists able to bring to fruition, within the shortest possible time, projects which would normally require many man-years to complete.

Our team offers the wide array of specialist know-how which Information Technology projects require in this day and age.

We split up the projects we manage into separate phases. Each phase has clearly-defined deadlines within which important decisions have to be taken, documents supplied and results achieved. In this way, our clients are able to follow the progress of their projects step by step.

A team of specialists at your fingertips

Mathias Schmocker / SMAT Engineering LLC
Dipl. Eng. ETHZ, Company manager

Osman Ali-Khan / ArtSystems Inc.
Company manager

Marian Banovski / Noesa LLC
MBA, Dipl. Phys., Company manager

Arnaud Bresson
Lic. HEI, Consultant

Charles Hieronymi / Intwebservice
Multimedia consultant

Roberto Lepori / IS Consulting
Web Design & Development

Georges Mandanis / Mandanis Angewandte Mechanik
Dipl. Eng. ETHZ, Company manager

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CH-1233 Bernex / Suisse
Tél. +41 78 674 4312

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