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The product FOCUS FireWall is not sold anymore. We integrate the broader security functions of the OpenBSD operating system in the servers of our clients.

Please contact us for an analysis of your specific needs.

For your information, we have kept the description of FOCUS FireWall below.

FOCUS FireWall protects the Internet access of your entreprise

In your capacity as manager of an entreprise using mission-critical software to carry out its business, you may be aware that, without protection, Internet opens the door to numerous attacks, any of which could jeopardize the security of your private LAN (local area network) or your computers and the confidential information stored in them.

The answer to these threats is twofold. At the human level, it is important to implement a security policy, define a continuity plan, raise the awareness of your staff members and provide them with training. At the technical level, it is mandatory to place a protective FireWall between your LAN and the Internet.

FOCUS FireWall isolates your private network from the Internet, making the former invisible while allowing your own computers to access the latter. Placed behind the router which enables you to gain access to the Internet, FOCUS FireWall controls and filters all information flows.

FOCUS FireWall prevents attacks on communication protocols, while at the same time keeping track of any attack which may occur. It uses powerful encryption to supervise the log files (1024-bit keys) and represents an uncompromising security solution, integrated in a single box.

How FOCUS FireWall protects you

The information flows to and from the Internet travel through three independent filters (input, transmission and output). These filters act on the Internet communication protocols (TCP/IP, UDP and ICMP). Elaborate filtering rules control the information flows of your Internet applications, the specific protocol security parameters, the source and destination addresses and ports as well as the FireWall's network interfaces.

In order to obtain maximum security, the rule is to let nothing through and then to add one by one the information flows required by Internet applications. In the most common case (TCP protocol), FOCUS FireWall authorizes only those information flows having originated in your private network. Attempts to connect which originate from the Internet are rejected.

The information flows allowed by FOCUS FireWall are:

  1. TCP protocol, connection initiated in your private network
    Web access with HTTP and proxy HTTP:80, 8080
    Passive FTP file-transfer:20, 21
    E-mail access to the Internet with SMTP, POP2, POP3 and IMAP2:25, 109, 110, 143
    Telnet access to the Internet:23
    News access to the Internet with NNTP:119

    FOCUS FireWall automatically closes a TCP connection after a 30-minute period of inactivity.

  2. UDP protocol, for DNS queries on port 53
    (i.e. <->
    FOCUS FireWall relays the address-resolution queries to the Internet.

Information flows with source routing are rejected.

Attacks targeting the weaknesses of communication protocols (Ping of Death, Syn Flood, Teardrop) render non-protected networks unserviceable. But because they can't pass through FOCUS FireWall, they are unable to wreak havoc in your computers.

The strong points of FOCUS FireWall are the quality of its configuration, its relative simplicity and its ability to record in log files any attempt made to connect. The supervision of the log files through an encrypted channel with 1024-bit keys can be done by us. The protected public zone option allows for the connection of external users to your public services in a controlled manner.

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